Monday, January 31, 2011

Exxon, Chevron: The cure for your gas pump blues

If you're like me, you don't like paying north of $3 bucks a gallon for gas. What's a driver to do? Buy energy company stocks, like Exxon or Chevron! Both pay a decent dividend, and Exxon reported big earnings today, as did Chevron Friday. Exxon was up $1.69 to $80.68 today, and Chevron was up $1.56 to $94.93 after a bit of profit-taking Friday. They were the #2 & 4 rising stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average today (Alcoa and IBM were #1 & 3, respectively).

When you curse the extra $5 bucks it takes to fill your tank, just think of the $72 dividend Chevron is going to give you in a couple of months, and all your troubles will go away....

Now, it's time for me to enjoy the cure for sitting at the computer all day; I'm getting a massage. Ciao!

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