Monday, November 8, 2010

You can take my Happy Meal, but Don't Touch my Coke!

San Francisco succeeded in stifling the Happy Meal last week. Will the Nutrition Police curtail Coke and sugary beverages as well? Who knows. For now, Coke is trading at all time highs. Writing covered calls as a hedge doesn't seem doable, since it seems to fade down a few points and then skyrocket again. Up 20% this'll retrace, but for now enjoy the gain.

Chevron still riding the oil boom, up above 84.

Wal-Mart is steady but pretty stagnant. A safe investment, with a decent dividend.

AVII not doing much.

EWS, iShares Singapore, looking good. Up 5% over the last month.

Looking at Iron Mountain. Hasn't done much but there is a real need out there for secure data storage. IRM closed at $22.82 today.

Looking forward to the trip to San Diego Thursday for Kathryn's wedding. Staying at Torrey Pines. Fore!